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Philip K. Dick
This site offers an overview of books and stories of PKD that have been translated to dutch. An overview for the Belgian and Dutch collectors but also for everyone who wants to read (and or collect) his stories.
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Philip Kindred Dick was a writer who mostly is known for his Science Fiction. He also wrote a few 'mainstream' books which werd published after his death (except for Confessions of a Crap Artist) . They were never published in the dutch language. In addition to his books you can also find collections of his letters, philosophical texts and his 'exegesis' (the description of his hallucinations and impressions regarding a mystical experience in 1974 and processed in the book Valis). Monopolistic companies, consciousness, drug abuse, paranoia, transcendental experiences and what-is-reality are jrecurring themes in his work. There are more than 10 film adaptations.
Prizes :
Hugo Award - 'The Man in the High Castle'
Campbell Memorial Award - 'Flow My Tears, the Policeman Said'
British SF Award - 'A Scanner Darkly'
Graoully d'Or - 'A Scanner Darkly'
Kurd-Laßwitz-Preis - VALIS
Short Stories
S.F. books not translated in dutch:

The Cosmic puppets
Time out of joint
Dr. Futurity
The Simulacra
Counter Clock World
The Ganymede Takeover

The Divine invasion
The transformation of Timothy Archer
Radio Free Albemuth
Nick and the Glimmung
Collect ?

The dutch books of Philip K Dick are very easy to collect. In total there are 25 stories published in Dutch. To find all versions in Dutch (including short stories) it will take you a little more effort, but it’s certainly not impossible. Internationally there are many collectors of first editions and / or hardcovers. Or they try to collect all the different editions of a particular title or the original magazines where stories were first published. Furthermore, all PKD editions of one particular publisher also quite popular ... or all versions of a single title.
If you want to collect first editions in perfect condition or autographed copies that can be a very costly affair. Still, you can buy a lot of expensive ones as library version.
I myself try to gather international versions of UBIK (see

Looking for a specific version of a PKD book in Dutch or any other language? Do you want to build a complete collection?
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